How competitive is this program?

The answer to this question changes year to year depending on how many students apply. On average we audition 75-100 students a year and accept 20-25 new students.

Those numbers make me really nervous—I’m new to this. Should I bother applying?

ABSOLUTELY! We strive to accept students across all ability levels—from talented beginners to experienced professionals.

Will late applications be accepted?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept late applications.

Where is the program located?

We are still in the process of finalizing our location for this summer. We will be in Manhattan and in an air-conditioned building, however, as of right now the exact location is TBD.

How many students are in the program?

We have about 30 middle school students and 45 high school students each summer. The middle school students are all in one musical together. The 45 high school students are split into two casts—a musical and a play.

I hate musical theatre and only want to do a straight play. Can I choose to just sign up for the play?

Unfortunately, no. If you are applying for the Wingspan Players (Middle School) all students will be cast in a musical. If you are applying for the Wingspan Ensemble (High School) all students are cast in either the play or the musical. Students do not get to choose where they get cast. If you are only interested in being in a play and will be miserable if you are cast in a musical, this may not be the program for you. We believe it is important for all of our students to stretch themselves and often ask them to work outside of what they are normally used to in an effort to expand range and experience.

I love theatre but I am not a performer. Do you have a program for students interested in working on the technical side of theatre?

We do! This year we are adding a couple of spots in the Wingspan Ensemble (High School) program for students just like you! If you would be interested in applying for those positions, contact us via the Contact page. Unfortunately, we do not have a program like this for the Middle School students.

Can I apply to the program if I do not live in New York City?

Absolutely! We have had students from all over the country (and even from other countries) in the past. If it is not possible for you to come to New York City for an audition, please contact us and we can discuss your options for the audition. Please note, however, that we do NOT provide housing or transportation so you would need to organize that on your own.


Who should I ask to write my recommendation?

This recommendation can be from any teacher. It does not need to be a performing arts teacher. Choose someone who knows you well and can give us a sense of your work ethic, ability to work with others, and anything else you think we should know. Teachers must fill out the TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM by the application deadline for you to be considered.

What is a personal statement?

Along with your application and teacher recommendation, all students must answer the following questions: Why do you want to spend your summer studying theatre? What do you think you will gain from this program? And what do you think you will bring to this program? These answers can be submitted through the online application.

What monologue should I choose?

There is a wealth of resources online to find monologues. You can also look at Drama Bookshop or the Lincoln Center Library for plays and monologue books to pull from. As long as it is about one-minute in length we do not care where it comes from!

What song should I sing?

We would prefer that your song be a musical theatre song, but that is not required. We do, however, ask that you bring sheet music for whatever song you choose to sing. Again, looking online is the easiest way to find this sheet music. You can also visit The Lincoln Center Library–they have tons of sheet music that you can copy. Ultimately you should choose something that you feel comfortable singing and that highlights your talent!

Should I prepare the whole song?

It is a good idea to know the whole song, but we will ask you to sing just 16-measures of it. So please have a starting and ending place prepared before you come in.

I am not a singer; do I still need to perform a song in my audition?

Yes. Everyone must sing even if you do not consider yourself a singer. Just choose a song that you can sing and feel comfortable doing!

If I can’t make it to the audition, does that mean I cannot be in the program?

If you know you will not be here on MARCH 4, 2018 we cannot accept your application, as those are the only scheduled auditions. If there is a last minute emergency or illness on the day you are scheduled to come in, we will try to reschedule your appointment. However, we ask that you make every effort to be there as rescheduling is difficult and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you.

Can parents come to the audition?

Of course. Parents are more than welcome to come to the auditions. We will actually give everyone another overview of the program before auditions happen. Parents, however, will not be allowed into the actual audition.

How long are the auditions?

The actual audition is only a few minutes, but the whole process can take up to 45 minutes or so.