Weeks 4 – 6…

Yes, I am writing a post about 3 weeks worth of Summer Conservatory…we just got so busy and were having too much fun 🙂 While I could write a novel about all that happened in the final 3 weeks of Conservatory, I will try to distill it down to some of the most memorable moments. Here goes:


  • The Wingspan Players had their last classes and their final informal shares were amazing. The Wingspan Players Singing Class also shared their final song “Brand New You” from 13 the Musical in our Company Meeting and it was so impressive!
  • Wingspan Ensemble shows shared teasers of their shows in our Company Meeting too and received incredible feedback from their peers.


  • Wingspan Players moved over to The Theatre at St. Jean for their tech week and ultimately the opening of their show!
  • The Wingspan Ensemble had their last classes and again the work I saw when I visited the informal shares was extraordinary!
  • The Wingspan Ensemble had a final Company Meeting where the Pop Choir class shared a special birthday song for Nicole as well as the song Photograph by Ed Sheeran. The Seniors also prepared a lovely rendition of To Sir With Love for us all. There were A LOT of tears that day 😉
  • Nick Blaemire, who was in the 2012 Broadway production of Godspell, came to speak with the Wingspan Ensemble members. He had some incredible insight about working in the business and his experiences in Godspell. It was so fun!
  • Shelly Shenoy, a voice over artist and casting director, came to speak with the Wingspan Ensemble Voice Over Class and shared her knowledge and tricks of the trade!
  • The Wingspan Ensemble put together a “spirit week”: Rainbow Day (dress in lots of colors), Time Warp Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hat/Hair Day, and Show Shirt Day.
  • THE WINGSPAN PLAYERS PERFORMED THE MUSIC MAN! We had a special open dress for the High Schoolers to attend and then they performed a weekend of mostly sold out shows! The performances were so so so so good!


  • Wingspan Ensemble moved over to The Theatre at St. Jean for their tech week and ultimately the openings of their shows!
  • THE WINGSPAN ENSEMBLE PERFORMED GODSPELL AND OUR TOWN! My goodness was I blown away by the performances I saw last weekend. The audiences were consistently wowed as well!
  • Capathia Jenkins and Lucia Giannetta, who were both in the 2000 Off-Broadway Revival of Godspell, came to see our production of Godspell on opening night and had only the most amazing things to say about it!
  • We gave out 3 Lifer Awards this year! We have a tradition at Summer Conservatory that if you are a student that began with us the summer going into 6th grade and remained in the program until the summer going into 12th grade you receive a “Wingspan Lifer Award”. This year we had 3 of them to give out! Lillian, Nayah, and Veronica began in Summer Conservatory in 2010 and this was their final summer with us. Each award has something on it that represents every show they performed with us over their 7 years.

Below are some select photos from the past couple of weeks and below that is the link to our Flickr page where you can see production photos from all of the shows!

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