Week 3 is over…



Greg Kotis with the Wingspan Ensemble

How is it possible that we have already finished 3 WEEKS of Conservatory?! There is so much amazing work happening that it is hard to sum it all up here, but most of you will see the evidence of that hard work in just a couple of weeks at our shows!

Here are some highlights from Week 3:

– JUST SO did their first run through of Act One this week and it looks SO GOOD!

– Greg Kotis, one of the writers of URINETOWN, came to speak with our High School students on Monday and it was such a great experience! He shared some really cool insight into the show and told fun stories about the writing process. The students also performed the opening for him and he was totally wowed and had great feedback for them!

– We took a trip to see VIOLET on Broadway on Wednesday evening and it seems the consensus was that everyone loved it! Some of our students waited at the stage door and got to meet Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry!

– At our Company meeting on Wednesday we opened up the discussion to talk about what we were noticing this year at Conservatory. Some of the things the students said were: ensemble, caring, focus, energy, community, fun, and creativity. I think those words sum up the Wingspan Summer Conservatory pretty well! We also talked about what we are going to work on going forward and some of those things were: gaining focus quicker, taking better care of our space, and being more mindful of our volume and behavior in the hallways. All good things to work on now and even after Conservatory ends!

– I couldn’t narrow down the shout outs this week, so we have 3 😉

1. “I would like to shout out Zoe for always bringing positivity and great ideas to the Laramie rehearsals”

2. “To Olivia S– You have lots of energy and go into ‘try-hard’ mode all the time. You are mad fun!”

3. “[Shout out to] Alyssa + Maggie for being great leaders in the JUST SO cast!”


Photos from the week:

image (3)

Meeting Joshua Henry after VIOLET!

Wingspan Ensemble student in Acting Through Song class

Acting Through Song Class

Musical Theatre Dance Styles Class

Musical Theatre Dance Styles Class

JUST SO rehearsal

JUST SO rehearsal


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