Cabaret Master Class

photo (5)

Lennie Watts teaching Cabaret Troupe members how to properly use a mic.

This past Saturday, our Cabaret Troupe students were lucky enough to participate in a Master Class with Lennie Watts. Lennie is an amazing Cabaret performer here in NY (seriously, check out all of his impressive accomplishments). Over the course of the afternoon, Lennie worked with each student on a song of their choice. They learned the differences between performing the song as a musical theatre piece and performing it as a cabaret piece. They worked on using the mic properly. They got new feedback on songs they either have been working on for a long time or that they had never worked on. And the list goes on… Everyone took away a lot of great, new tips and energy!

Some of the students also auditioned for the Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC) Board for a scholarship they are going to give one of our students. Whoever is chosen will also get to perform at the MAC Awards in March–very exciting!! Stay tuned for the recipient!


The application period for Summer Conservatory is now over! Auditions will be Sunday, February 2nd. We are very much looking forward to those.

We will also be announcing Spring Conservatory classes soon!


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