Wingspan has moved!

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Wingspan Arts. First and foremost is that we have moved offices! We are still in the same building, but a brand new floor and office. It’s much bigger and we have a REHEARSAL STUDIO so we can now hold classes and rehearsals in our own space!!!! This makes me endlessly happy. Below are some photos of our new space and our new view! (Paul’s son was visiting us hence the tunnel and blocks on the floor 😉 )




We also started Cabaret Troupe rehearsals this week and were able to have our first rehearsal EVER in our new studio! Very exciting. The students are absurdly talented–we started learning a song and they sound fantastic already. We also picked a theme for our show this year, which we will tell you at a later date… Here are a couple photos of (most of) us rehearsing in the new space:




Next up: RETURNING STUDENT auditions for summer this Sunday!! 


2 thoughts on “Wingspan has moved!

  1. How very exciting! We were looking at the Cabaret Troupefor Jazzy but she is already doing the Wizard of Oz show. Maybe in the future! See you Sunday. Valerie 🙂


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