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Mastering Musical Theatre Auditions


This past Sunday, 13 of our Conservatory students participated in a Musical Theatre Audition Master Class with Diana Glazer. All of the students brought in a couple of 16-bar cuts to work on with Diana. They all had the opportunity to workshop their pieces and everyone walked out feeling refreshed and confident!

Major take-aways that the students mentioned were:

-Trying to make material feel new every time even if you have been performing the piece in auditions for ages.

-Connecting to the material on a personal level to make it more interesting. Also choosing pieces that highlight you as a person as well as highlighting your talent.

-Using the music underneath the vocals to help inform character and acting choices.

-Ultimately you cannot control the outcome of auditions, so all you can do is be very prepared and truthful to who you are. Eventually you will book something if you continue to put the best you out there.

-Don’t change yourself for auditions because you think they want to see a certain type of person–you never know.

I think those are all really amazing lessons. So, thank you Diana for coming in and working with our exceptionally talented students! They also all had the opportunity to ask Diana questions about the business of acting, tips on auditioning, and advice on their headshots and resumes.

It was a GREAT day! Check out some photos below.