And just like that, it is over.

I can’t believe that another summer is over. They seem to go faster and faster every year. This summer was so unbelievable, it is hard to express how grateful all of us are feeling right now. Every show was breathtaking. The students were beyond amazing and inspiring. And our community felt more like a family than ever. At the end of every summer, Jessica and I (Marissa) sit down and talk about how lucky we are to get the chance to work with such amazing young people. 

Perhaps the most amazing testament to this family we have built was the final moments of Sunday night. The final show of Children of Eden, which was the final show of the summer, had just ended and the cast stayed on stage to thank their director, Jessica. And then they all stood on stage and invited up the several alumni, middle school students, and other Wingspan Ensemble members to join them in a song. The song was “Seasons of Love” and it was a dedication to both our former student, Carlos Rodriguez, who passed away a couple of weeks ago and to our very own Jessica Bashline who is leaving Wingspan this month. What occurred was nothing short of heart-stopping. This image of all of our students passed and present honoring one of their directors and one of their peers left most of the audience in tears. It was just such an amazing representation of all that we do here at conservatory and just how special it is. I could go on for hours about how warm and fuzzy it made me feel…


A still from a video I took of the students singing “Seasons of Love”

So at the end of this summer, with all of its goodbyes, I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU (on behalf of everyone at Wingspan). Thank you to our students for always working hard and being incredible. Thank you to all of our families for helping us and supporting your children. Thank you to Carlos for sharing your light with us for so many years. And thank you to Jessica for years of pouring your heart and soul into this program and for inspiring so many people.

We love you all and can’t wait until next summer already!!! 

(Check back shortly for info on Fall classes!)


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