A day of Q & A

A couple of weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to have several special guests here at conservatory. We had visitors in both our Middle and High School groups and the students could not have been happier about them! THANK YOU so much to all of the actors that donated their time to our students, it was an incredible experience!

Our Middle School group had the pleasure of meeting and talking with, Whitney Winfield and Andy White. Whitney and Andy both just finished up the last national tour of SHREK, so it was even more exciting for our cast of SHREK to meet these two. Whitney was on tour in the role of Fiona and Andy was an ensemble member, a pig, and the understudy for Shrek (he ended up going on for Shrek for almost half the tour). Whitney and Andy were nice enough to come and hang out with our little Shrekkies! First we all introduced ourselves and played a game, then the students performed a few numbers, and then we had the chance to do a nice long Q&A session with them. Overall it was an amazing experience for everyone! As you can see in the photos below, our students also were very excited to get Whitney and Andy’s autographs!


Andy White and Whitney Winfield talking the the WP


A WP member getting her shoe signed by Andy White


The WP with Whitney Winfield and Andy White


A WP member talking to Whitney Winfield

The second visitors of the day were some of the cast of the show NOBODY LOVES YOU. Bryan Fenkart, Autumn Hurlbert, Leslie Kritzer, and Aleque Reid were nice enough to donate their time to our High School students. Autumn led a very fun improv about using random items in improvised scenes and then all of the cast members and students participated in a long and insightful Q&A session. The students were so thrilled to meet these amazing actors and were lucky enough to also get to see their show at Second Stage later that night! Below are some photos from this great experience.


Aleque Reid and Leslie Kritzer enjoying a couple of WE members’ improv


Members of the WE with Autumn Hurlbert, Aleque Reid, and Bryan Fenkart


NOBODY LOVES YOU cast members, Leslie Kritzer, Aleque Reid, Autumn Hurlbert, and Bryan Fenkart


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