Shrek tickets available now!


Shrek tickets are now available!

If you would like to reserve your tickets to SHREK, they are now available via this link.  There is no limit on amount of tickets you can reserve but we do ask that you spread out the amount of guests that attend each night. So maybe Grandma, Grandpa, six Aunts, and 3 cousins don’t all come on the same night but rather Grandparents one night and Aunts and cousins another. Catch my drift? This way everyone gets to see the masterpiece we have been creating! 


Show dates are:

August 9th at 7pm

August 10th at 2pm & 7pm

All shows are at Beacon High School, 227 West 61st Street

Admission is FREE (there is a suggested $10 donation that you can give us at the door if you would like)


If you are a High School student, we really urge you to attend our special open dress rehearsal that we have for the High School students rather than reserve tickets to shows that parents can go to. We will tell you more about this next week…


We can’t wait to see you all and show you what we have been working on!

(Tickets for High School shows are not available yet. We will go live with that link on Aug 5)



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