Here at conservatory we have a bulletin board that houses an envelope labeled, “Shout Outs”. What is a shout out? A shout out is recognizing someone for doing something great that deserves special mention. Teachers, students, observers, can write one (or several) on a card and submit them in that envelope. Every week we have been picking a “highlighted” shout out to both present on the board itself and here! We never posted the one from last week here, so this week we have 2!

Week 1 Highlighted Shout Out:

“Shout out to everyone! You had the courage to get up and sing in front of a new group of people!”

-Submitted by a Wingspan Player

Week 2 Highlighted Shout Out:

“I would like to shout out Chris Gambino for being an amazing person, super supportive, and overall hilarious!”

–Submitted by Anonymous

We also have some extra shout outs this week that deserve a mention. A few of our teaching artists/directors were honored last night at the NY Innovative Theatre Awards Nomination Event. Jessica Bashline’s production of THE DROWNING GIRLS that starred Marissa Porto as well as a production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM starring Elise Reynard were both nominated for Best Revival of a Play. Unfortunately this means their shows are competing…but it is nice to see so much love from the NYIT awards for our Wingspan staff!

photo (3)

Elise Reynard in Theater2020’s production of MIDSUMMER


Marissa Porto in Strange Sun Theater’s production of THE DROWNING GIRLS directed by Jessica Bashline.


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